Digital copy and you

So I had my first experience with digital copy today. In response to the overwhelming demand by consumers that they be allowed to copy their DVDs in some fashion to watch on laptops, iPods, and other media players, big name studios have conceded slightly and include digital copies with certain movies. I received The Dark Knight as a present today and it included such a copy. I figured I’d give it a go.

So, I pop in the bonus features disk (complete with digital copy) and a little screen pops up welcoming me to WB’s digital copy process, yada yada. After a bit of figuring out where I live and what language I speak, it opens up iTunes to validate the copy (using the handy-dandy code included in the DVD packaging). After entering the code and my iTunes password, the digital copy begins to download.

Now, this is where things go wrong. My DVD drive isn’t making any sound at all and the digital copy transfer is going on in the Downloads queue in iTunes, so I figure that I don’t need the disk in any longer. Wrong. The instant I ejected the DVD, the download stopped and an error message appeared. Okay, no big deal. I popped the disk in and clicked the retry button next to the download. Nothing. Wait a little longer…then iTunes freezes. Oh crap.

I’m worried because I have a feeling the authorization code was a one-time deal and I’ll get harassed for daring to attempt the transfer a second time. You know, kinda like how Spore was with its three (now five) install limit and Windows is with, well, any install.

Attempting to force iTunes to quit via the Task Manager fails multiple times and it finally closes after about 5 minutes. I put the DVD back in, went through the preliminary screen, iTunes launched, and it asked me for the code again. Fearing the worst, I put it in…and the digital copy starts transferring again. From scratch. Well, at least it let me download it again.

I suppose I should have been smarter than to remove the DVD while the transfer was going, but it would have been nice to have some kind of warning.

Anyways, I was going to continue on and rant about how the MPAA should allow consumers to freely copy their legitimately purchased DVDs because digital copy sucks, but I changed my mind now that I see it doesn’t suck as much as I thought it would. Of course, I haven’t tried downloading the Windows Media version or downloading the iTunes version onto a different computer, so I’ll reserve my final judgment until I can do further testing.

  • Rick

    Hey, I didn’t get a digital copy code (got the light blue insert, but the area for the code was left blank)

    do you think your code would work with my computer or they are specific to each dvd? if not i’d really appreciate if I could use your code because I can’t copy my DVD otherwise. Thanks for your consideration.

  • Cody


    I’m pretty sure each code is unique. If you didn’t get one, you should probably contact whoever distributed the DVD (Disney, Warner Bros., etc.) and talk to them about it.

  • Stefan

    Hi, a digital copy came with may Watchmen bl ray, before i dl the movie, y realized you dont need to donwload the movie, its on the disc! (duh!).

    Since it was my first time with a DC I uses it in my desktop, and when i transfer the file to my laptop… duh! (again), only works for one computer!

    Any way the quality isnt good enough for a DVD…


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