World of Warcraft makes you fat

This just in: playing World of Warcraft will turn you into a 400-pound monstrosity with 5 chins and a gut hanging down to your knees. So will reading, watching TV, browsing the Internet, and playing chess. All of these things will eventually make you morbidly obese.

That is, they will if you abstain from all physical activity.

A lot of people seem to miss that crucial stipulation. I’ve come across far too many misguided tirades aimed at massively multiplayer online role-playing games like World of Warcraft that claim that players of such games are nothing more than fat nerds with no life who live in their parents’ basement. Really? Simply buying a subscription to WoW adds 200 or so pounds instantly? Of course not. It’s a baseless claim made by people who want to act sanctimonious. Or, even worse, by people who were overweight WoW players and are turning a blind eye to the behaviors and habits that really made them fat, preferring instead to find a scapegoat.

Why pick this specific topic? Well, I play World of Warcraft. I’ve been a subscriber for the past five or six months. And yet, my weight is proportional to my height. I have a friend who has been playing for longer than I have, and he’s in the same boat. Guess that blows the theory that all WoW players are overweight right out of the water, doesn’t it?

So what does make people overweight? A number of things, but it seems that it’s commonly bad habits combined with lack of physical activity. In other words, if you eat junk food all the time, spend hours in front of the computer every day, and never get on a treadmill, you’re going to be horribly out of shape when compared to someone who eats junk food only occasionally, spends less time in front of the computer, and exercises regularly.

The important thing to remember: World of Warcraft and physical activity are not–I repeat, not–mutually exclusive. Sure, WoW itself doesn’t require any movement beyond your hands. Neither does reading. And what kind of insane person would suggest that reading makes you fat?

Finally, there’s the claim that WoW is designed to be addicting. I’d really like that one explained to me because I don’t see what’s so addicting about grinding and questing my ass off to gain a level just so I can do it all over again until I reach the level cap and have to kill real people instead. (Note: when I say “people”, I really mean “computer-generated avatars of real people”. Just to avoid any confusion from the crazies who think I’m advocating real-life violence as a form of entertainment.) Besides, getting addicted to WoW is like getting addicted to gambling. You played too much and didn’t know when to stop. That’s not the fault of the game, considering there are plenty of people who play WoW and lead perfectly normal lives free of addiction.

Anyone who rips on WoW players as being fat losers who never move needs to think back to any time they curled up in a chair and read a book for a few hours. Any physical activity beyond turning the page? If not, how is it any different? Spend hours upon hours reading Shakespeare’s assorted works and snacking on Cheetos and you’re going to end up the same as if you had spent hours upon hours playing WoW and snacking on Cheetos: overweight and unhealthy. Think about that.

  • Jeremy

    Wow this is too true! It’s a little upsetting though because it’s always nice to imagine that the people you are playing online with are fat and ugly in rl when they’re doing better in-game.

  • Joel

    @Jeremy: True dat.

    This blog post actually is just the truth, and I have to agree with you.

    Btw, didn’t you previously post that you don’t like WoW? Lawl.

  • Jon

    I agree with you on the point of World of Warcraft not making people fat. However, back when I played, I remember seeing what all my guild mates looked like…eventually. DAMN. Me and my real life friends were the skinniest of the bunch. I don’t think the game makes you fat, rather, it attracts fat people. I played back Pre-BC and BC. That game turned to shit from the good days, where everything was on one continent and server, and was all very local and homely. Waiting in line for Burning Crusade…WORST IDEA EVER. After seeing the people I saw, I didn’t even want to play the game. I went through the portal, then logged. Got to 70 6 months later. Killed Kael. Never logged back in.

  • dave

    U definitely bring up some interesting points. but i gotta say WoW made me fat. pre wow i was about 175 (5’9). Now almost 2 yrs later im bout 215. yes its true the game didnt do it I did. but the game didnt

  • Jay

    hey dave
    you were already fat even before you played WOW.

    the point is, WOW doesnt necessarily makes you fat,
    but it makes you a nerd for sure. im just saying.

  • luke

    u say that it is no differant from reading a book. but at least when u read a book u are doing something with your life. filling your thrist for knowledge. (this comming from a guy who plays wow 3 or more hrs a day)

  • buy wow account

    Ya it makes us fat but it is a very good mode of entertainment

  • Cataclysm Leveling Guide

    Sitting down and doing knitting can make you fat. As long as you do some weekly exercise there should be no reason at all that you get fat from playing any game.

  • lvl86

    Lol that is no way, you don’t eat as much when you play wow plus moving the mouse to click all the spells is annoying

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